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Our Site Numbers?

Our Member numbers may be small now... but have faith in us. Our site before had thousands and continued to have thousands even when not posting 2015-2022 (please see below). We plan to have those numbers beat by year's end. The good thing about a showcase is it doesn't really go away. It can be visited year-round, and can be set to pop up on Showcases they may like. We are not your standard Bloggers. We support the authors and are not a "free book-hungry" type. We actually buy 99% of our reviewed books as stated in our posts and reviews. Our objective is to build a Paranormal Romance Social Hub. A community and we are just getting started. So please have a little faith in us. I did post the reviews from both Indie Authors and Best Selling Authors like Dianna Love on my site reviews... and you can still see them on our old blog. I hope to build up honest reviews on this site, for other authors to have faith while we catch our wind of numbers. Old blog (please excuse the mess as pic links are broken):

Previous Site Reviews

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