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Welcome to Were Vamps Romance Authors Page

We are ALWAYS FREE & Accepting Authors to review. We Love Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and all related Genres. So, please feel free to learn about us, Check out what we offer, Recommendations, Reviews, and help for new authors. Sign up yourself on our sign-up page. Please don't be afraid to ask for anything.

**Be sure to subscribe (Feed/Email) for an easy way of staying updated, and to be updated on any events on the site you may want to include your work in.


Don't forget to become a Member and get the author badge!

Up Coming Events

Be sure to sign up for a Showcase!

We want to book an author every day of the month. This is a huge year-long event.  It helps showcase new and upcoming books to readers.

Open for Showcase Panelist. Limited bookings. Always Free.

If you wish to be a part of one of our monthly events,

  1. Simply use the sign-up form 

  2. pick a day in the month of the event of your choosing!


RSVP-ing will not add you to the Authors Panelist list. But it will let you know of any updates as a reader. Which is fine with us! Authors are readers too!

You Have Multiple Releases This Year?

You Are Our Ideal Candidate!

We want to book an author every day of the month. We love getting showcases done ahead of time! We can do a showcase within TWO YEARS (or up to in advance) from today, right now. Use the sign-up form for each release.

  • Worried about the date for your release change? That's okay! We can still get it drafted out with what you know (tentatively), scheduled for the day, and if the day changes we'll change the post date.

  • Don't have a Book cover yet? Not a problem! We'll use a "coming soon book imagine" till you get one. and then we can do a Cover Reveal!

  • Don't have Buy Links yet? Not a problem, a week before its release we'll double-check check all the buy links are there and working.

  • You don't want to forget about it? No worries! We will send you a link the day of the post, an email one week prior as a reminder, and we will run an ad.

  • Your not sure what kind of showcase you want? Not a problem! Just do a Teaser and/or Review. (ARCs will need to be provided -when available). If you decide late that you want to add an Author/Character Interview, an Author/Character guest post, or even a giveaway simply email us, and we can add it in. 

The Bottom Line is we will work with you. Get your book promoted FREE of charge. 

What do we get out of it? To have the honor of sharing your book with our readers. To read and review your work (if you chose to receive a review). We Love working with authors. We don't do it for the free books (though that is a great perk). We don't do it for the giveaways, we have our own, plus we don't get to win yours. True there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes for us. But we're passionate about sharing your work. All of it (that's PNR & UF). We are passionate about getting this community together. By Authors showcasing all Their releases with us, it's helping this community grow. Which means more future readers for you!

Getting Started

Welcome! I hope this section makes this site a little easier for you. There is so much going on and more is being added every day. It's not just a standard blog, but a full community. 

Here's a little information (with links):

  • Becoming a Member is free, but also a great tool to connect to your fans without giving out an email, creates an ongoing stream to your Author links on your profile and you can chat with fans directly. This also connects to the next bullet point.

  • The author Badge is a useful item to have on your Members Profile. Not only for your stature on this site but also to get into Author only areas. Example: The Authors Lounge in the forums.

  • This site has an Event every month. Think of it as Comic-con, and it shows the panelist after you RSVP. RSVPing to these will not book a showcase or a review. It will remind you of events you'd like to participate in. 

  • Booking/Requesting a showcase or a simple review is done through the Service Tab (linked here).

  • Giveaways/Contests - Can authors participate? Absolutely! You're a reader and fan too!

If you have any questions or concerns you can feel free to email me, contact WVR Staff through the member page, or just hit the chat button (bottom right corner). 

Please feel free to leave a review of WVR Staff and my site, below for other Authors to see. Let us know if there is anything we can improve on. Site reviews do not affect our book reviews or bookings.


This Site lives off of Referrals, So spreading the word to other authors is a high honor. We appreciate you! 

Become A Member!

Becoming an Author Member has many perks:

  • It allows readers to follow you (This is a growing community). You'll even get a badge.

  • You can link all your sites/buy links on your profile.

  • You can talk directly to your fans without giving out your private information. We even offer chat rooms.

  • You can start a Group for your fans!

  • Your books can get included in the reading challenges/book club.

  • An Online Store is coming soon! Great opportunity to sell some items without having a store of your own.

  • As we expand as a community more things will come! Be able to say you were here and had faith before we were "cool". LOL!

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